EdEconSoc’s Research Division, although only founded in 2017, has already had much success. We offer students the opportunity to conduct research for corporate and political clients either consultancy based or econometrics focused. We aim to promote these aims through a dual structure, which consists of the Consulting sector and Academic Research. While Consulting is econometric focused and centered around the collaboration with industry clients, the Academic Research section deals with projects that evolve around political economics and policy research.


Last year saw three groups of five students working on projects for BCG, Bank of England and RBS; the final presentations were received very well by the clients and as a result we are in the process of replicating similar programs for this coming year. We proudly are the first university society in the UK to offer such a program; our aim is to provide a platform for students to reinforce their understanding of economic concepts and analytical techniques all via corporate experience.


Academic Research projects focus on political economics and are designed to equip students with research and presentation skills as well as providing an introduction to statistical analysis. Having completed 6 successful research projects last year, we plan to expand the Academic Research sector this year to promote interdisciplinary research projects backed by political institutions such as the Scottish Government.

Our research division promises the incredibly rewarding and valuable experience of applying your knowledge to real-world cases. If you’re interested, apply to one of our projects – applications open in September!