We create academic opportunities and insight by hosting speakers, discussions and debates— not otherwise available through the University


Our society aims to prepare our members by giving them information about, and experiment with, companies and indsutries related to their field of interest.


We aspire to foster a supportive community of a diverse range of students; brought together by our shared interest in the social sciences.


Our members conduct economic research and client reports in teams of our corporate clients with the help from coaches and industry experts.



A Letter from the President

I am proud to welcome you to the University of Edinburgh Economics Society, one of the largest student-run organisations in the country. This year, we mark 21 years as an integral part of the student community at Scotland’s greatest university. Over the past three years, the Society has grown rapidly. Last year saw us become the first society in the university to count over 1,000 students in its membership.


During this time, the Society has founded multiple national-scale initiatives, including the Scottish Economics Conference, hosting some of the world’s foremost experts in industry, and the Research and Consulting Programme, in which our students have worked alongside top companies and the government. Our new Investment Banking Club has also enjoyed great success in its inaugural year, linking members that share curiosities about a common career choice within economics. 

The Society runs weekly meetings featuring guest speakers from multiple different areas, provides academic and career support, and holds a variety of social activities for our members. These events are enjoyed by a very diverse group of attendees across a wide range of both Economics and non-Economics degrees. 

Regardless of your background, if you find yourself interested in any of our initiatives in our Academic, Careers, Social, or Research branches, don’t hesitate to come along and get involved. 

The committee and I look forward to another successful, fun year. 


H. Bryan Lee President


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