Investment Banking Club

EdEconSoc’s Investment Banking Club (IBC) provides its members with the essential knowledge to break into the world of Mergers and Acquisitions in an investment bank. The IBC brings transparency to this notoriously opaque industry and helps students develop superior career skills in a collaborative community.

Semester 1

The IBC provides a crash course into the M&A division of investment banking with one lecture per week. Lectures are given by our experienced members who have worked in the industry or are completing a degree in finance or economics.

Don’t worry if you do not know anything about finance or economics! The crash course is designed for anyone from any degree who has an interest towards finance.

Although prior knowledge is not expected, the crash course is challenging as it covers topics relatively quickly. The course discusses both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the industry. A high knowledge of mathematics is not required.

Topics covered in crash course

  • Investment Banking 101, The Basics
  • The Three Financial Statements
  • Discounted Cash Flow Model
  • CV and Interview tips

Lecture slides will be available on this website once the semester begins.

Semester 2

During the second semester the IBC will conduct weekly reading groups and a case competition. 

The weekly reading groups will discuss current deals and provide platform to become more familiar with the current market trends. 

Be sure to follow us on Facebook (IBC 19/20) for more information on the case competition!

For more information come find us at the EdEconSoc stand at the Activities Fair during the first week of each semester. Message us on Facebook or ask


The IBC Team

Case Competition & Outreach Coordinator

Mark Kleyner

Discussion Coordinator

Daryna Kolobova

Discussion Coordinator

Elena Dall’Agnese

Founder & Tutor

Otto Leppänen

Incoming Global Advisory Summer Analyst at Rothschild & Co.

Founder & Tutor

Ole Scheuermann

Incoming Investment Banking Division Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley.

Founder & Tutor

Dante Jarhos

Incoming Summer Analyst at Garantia Insurance Company Ltd.


Eric Östring

Incoming Investment Banking Division Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley.