Scottish Economics Conference

The Scottish Economics Conference was founded by EdEconSoc members Oskar Birol and Harry Spooner in 2017. Hosted annually, the conference is run in partnership with the economics societies of Scotland’s best universities and offers a two day programme and gala dinner. In its inaugural year, hosted in Edinburgh, the conference received international press coverage following an electrifying talk by keynote speaker Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England. Following these successes, the conference was then held in Glasgow for 2018 and Dundee for 2020. We are hoping to bring the conference back to Edinburgh for the 2021. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to hear from world-leading speakers in academia, politics and industry, but the event provides networking for economics students across Scotland. Our Edinburgh based team has consistently stayed at the center of the conference’s organization and we look forward to seeing how the conference grows over the coming years. EconSoc continues to play a key role in the conference and we encourage all members to attend. If you are interested in becoming involved in the organisation of the conference as part of a 40+ strong team, contact the Edinburgh Director, Bryan Lee.

For more information, check out the official website